4 Home Garden Tips

4 Solid Home Garden Tips For The Lazy Gardener

How much time and effort do you spend in your home garden? Although you may feel you don’t have enough time in the day to maintain a garden, creating one can increase the value of your property.

If you want to take care of your investment, but you don’t think you have the time to tend to a garden, we have 4 solid home gardening tips made just for you! 

4 Home Garden Tips for The Lazy Gardner

Gardening doesn’t have to take away from your downtime. Although some of us consider it an almost therapeutic way to relieve stress, some of us don’t possess the gift of a green thumb.

That’s okay, where there’s a will, there’s always a way—check it out.  

1. Flowering Weeds Are A Life Saver

Home Garden Tip - Wild Flowers

Reconsider the colourful favours wildflowers can do for your garden. Step back and let nature take its course in the areas against trees, along the edges of your yard, and any sparse patches in direct sunlight.

Top 3 Flowering Wildflowers For Lazy Gardening:

1. Ground Ivy
2. Oxalis
3. Violets

2. Go For Perennials

Say Yes To Perrenials in your Home Garden

How many times do you walk into a garden centre and wonder where to begin? There are hundreds of plants that are low-upkeep and affordable. For low-maintenance gardening go for the perennials. 

Perennials are the definite go-to when you want to save time and get the most out of your home gardening experience. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you decide which perennials are right for your garden.

Check out the top 10 list of perennials from Better Homes & Garden. If you want the cliff notes, we’ve listed the top 5 that we love.

  1. Black-Eyed Susan: We love this flower because it can really stand out in your garden. However, be careful that you don’t overuse them—they will take over your garden if you let them. 
  2. Blue Pincushion Flower: These flowers are great for full-sun areas, they also bloom most of the summer, which will help your garden constantly bloom with colour. 
  3. Blue Perennial Sage: This one is really neat, and no, it’s not a herb. It has a blue-black flower and stands pretty tall. With a bit of darker colour, this flower can be a great contrast to some of your brighter perennials.  
  4. Threadleaf Tickseed: This one is another perennial full of colour. With bright-green foliage and a nice soft yellow flower, you’re bound to notice these flowers as they bloom.  
  5. Purple Coneflower: These flowers look quite similar to daisies, although truth be told, the colours are way more appealing, Keep in mind, these flowers need full sun to stay alive and healthy. 


3. Costless Coverage

Add curb appeal while reducing you lawn maintenance by adding natural ground covers like English Ivy.

There are a few unique ways to add curb appeal to your low-maintenance garden without breaking the bank. We know that some wildflowers can help you add colour.

But, there are specific and invasive plants that are perfect for no-maintenance ground coverage.

English Ivy

Consider transferring stem cuttings of this dense and determined weed from under your trees and propagating them into your garden. The stubborn quality of this species will ensure your garden is protected from less attractive plants. All that is required of you is one or two seasonal trims to keep a firm garden edge, primed for any passers-by to enjoy.

Lava Rocks

For another easy, no maintenance ground cover, purchase lava rocks for your garden. This will make for a great weight against unwanted weeds and healthy garden drainage.

These are accessible at all general home improvement garden centres and local greeneries at a low cost and you’ll never have to purchase mulch again.

The More You Mow…

Mowing your lawn in rows and then back over in a diagonal pattern breaks the clippings down more effectively eliminating those tacky “mow lines” and also encourages healthier growth.

In the months leading up to a resale, consider these easy tricks for ensuring your yard is family-friendly while also appealing to busy professionals when you finally host that open house:

Play With Patterns

Mow the grass in a diagonal and criss-cross pattern. Mowing your lawn in rows and then back over in a diagonal pattern breaks the clippings down more effectively eliminating those tacky “mow lines” and also encourages healthier growth.

Slow it Down

Think big. Try to mow your lawn less often because longer grass surprisingly requires less maintenance. The longer the grass, the less frequently it needs to be watered and it can withstand more abuse, creating a perfect yard for children and active couples. This is a win-win when you’re prepping your home for top curb appeal without spending too much time and energy on the task.

Upcycle Your Efforts

When mowing the lawn and trimming plants, don’t throw away the clippings. This will create a natural mulch that will feed and insulate the lawn, trapping moisture and making for a top-notch appearance when you need it most.

With these simple yard and garden tips, you’re guaranteed fantastic curb appeal without the back bending effort.

For any further tips and tricks, or just advice on upgrading your home property, speak with us at easy Home Realty today.


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