5 Tips Before You List Your Home

5 Essential Things To Do Before You List Your Home

Are you sure you’re ready to list your home?

Selling your home is a big deal, and as exciting as it is, you need to ensure your house is ready to be shown. So, what’s involved, and how are you going to ensure you’re getting your asking price?

This quick list will help you get started on making sure you’re ready.

5 Essential Things To Do Before You List Your Home

It’s good to note that 36% of your potential buyers are willing to put down a more significant offer if you stage your home.

So, if you’re looking to list your house, be sure to review this list and ensure your home is prepared.

1. Cosmetic Upgrades

Cosmetic upgrades are essential since these are the first things potential buyers notice.

The most valuable cosmetic changes are:

  • Try adding a fresh coat of paint (neutral is best)
  • Install new light fixtures
  • Update flooring:
    • Replacing lifting tiles or lament
    • Refinish hardwood floors
    • Deep clean carpets

Cosmetic upgrades and alterations are a simple and cost-effective way to get your home show-ready.

2. Highlight Rooms

Although you should ensure every room is show-worthy, there are four that buyers pay attention to:

  1. The Kitchen:
    • Deep clean countertops, cabinetry, and appliances.
    • Remove all stains or build-up on backsplashes and walls.
    • Clean or replace light fixtures.
  2. The Living Room:
    • Clean all furniture, floors, and walls.
    • Remove personal touches like family portraits and clear out excess furniture.
  3. Master Bedroom
    • Make the room feel peaceful with throw pillows and freshly cleaned bedding.
    • Remove personal items and clutter.
  4. Dining Room:
    • Ensure you clean your dining room and clutter it too.
    • Your table shouldn’t be too large or small, adding place settings can help potential buyers envision their families spending time in there.

When it comes to all the spaces in your home, you’ll want to eliminate bold statement pieces and replace them with calming and neutral decor before you list your house.

3. Basic Home Maintenance

Although we want to give you cost-effective tips, you should consider basic home maintenance. As the seller, ensure that you’ve covered the majority of any home maintenance that might be required:

  • Upgrading windows
  • Replacing shingles, sidings, or soffits
  • Repair cracked or chipped walls and fill in screw holes
  • Replace air filters
  • Cleaning out gutters
  • Replacing bulbs with LED or energy-efficient bulbs

Some of these fixes could end up costing you, so pick and choose on a need-be basis. You may just need to upgrade a few windows or a few shingles.

It might not be worth your time to replace the whole roof or all the windows. Buyers may not want to pay the added cost. Focus on what you know needs to be fixed.

4. Fix Code Violations

Again, this a step that could be more costly than just painting a room. However, it’s very important since most serious buyers will hire a home inspector.

If you overlook any violations, these could come as requests to fix issues prior to a buyer sealing the deal.

Fixing these issues will save you stress and potentially cost:

  • Damp Basements
  • Cramped or breezy crawlspaces
  • Roof and Chimney
  • Plumbing Problems
  • Inadequate or Inferior Electrical Systems

Again, this step can be more costly, but so long as you’re realistic with what you need to fix, it can save you all the added stress during negotiations.

5. Create A Great Outdoor Space

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal Be You List Your Home

The outdoor space of a home needs to be versatile, inviting, and well cared for. Creating a great outdoor space for both front and backyard spaces will make potential buyers want to see the inside of your house.

Tackling these simple our door projects before listing your home:

  • Create a lazy garden and replace high-maintenance plants with low effort greenery.
  • Place a privacy screen around your patio to enhance the intimacy in open yard space.
  • Trim and edge your yard, gardens, and curbs, giving the property a clean appearance.
  • Consider large blooming planters or a graveled pathway to the front entrance to enhance first impressions.

For sellers with a higher budget, replacing the deck, adding a comfortable swing, or even building a private gazebo are great additions to larger backyards.

Now You’re Ready To List Your Home

Following the above checklist is going to help you feel confident that you’re ready to put your house up for sale. You want to ensure you’ve removed all personal items so buyers can envision themselves in the house, make all necessary repairs and upgrades

We know that selling your home can be overwhelming, that’s why we’re here to help you focus on what’s cost-efficient and what matters.

Of course, if you have questions or need help with selling your house, reach out to us anytime.


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    I plan to sell and buy a home, both valued at $1.5 mill. Since it will be a double transaction, for selling my home is it realistic to request a 4% commission rate of potential listing realtors? I’ve heard that some realtors representing a client for double transactions will knock off 0.5%, but a 1% reduction in commission rate would be so much more affordable.

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