5 Simple Ways To Stage Your Home And Get Offers

5 Simple Ways To Stage Your House And Get Offers

You know you should stage your house—but where do you start?

The first impression is the only impression that matters to buyers when they are coming to look at your home. These are the impressions that get you interest and offers.

If you haven’t already, be sure you see our checklist for How To Prep Your House Before You List It. With that out of the way, staging your house will be far less complicated.

To help you along, we’ve come up with a list of 5 items that can make a real impact, so the offers from potential buyers come flying in through the front door.

5 Tips To Stage Your House

There is a direct relationship between how long your house stays on the market and the price it goes for and staging your home. In fact, a staged home can get up to 20 percent more than a vacant house or a house that’s not staged properly.

Even if you can’t afford a professional stager, be sure you can check all 5 tips below off the list.

1. What’s In Your Closet?

Potential buyers are looking for storage and the ability to see what their items will look like in that space.

If your closets are full and cluttered, the potential buyer potentially will feel like this is a make or break moment for them.

So make sure before an open house or tour, you empty your closets or organize them so you can showcase the storage opportunities of your home.

2. Brighten it Up

Take the time to tour your home as if it is the first time you have ever seen it. This will help you view the space with a critical eye.

Take a look at the amount of light in your home.

Potential buyers aren’t looking for a cave, they desire a light and airy space. This will also give the impression of a bigger room. All of this is possible to achieve, and it’s easier than you think!

Some ways you can add light to your space are:

1) Remove Heavy Curtains
2) Replace Light Fixtures That are |Broken
3) Clean the Windows
4) Remove Heavy Lampshades and Replace with a Neutral Colour

Making these small but impactful updates will increase the sense of space in your home and attract potential buyers.

3. Hide your Four-Legged Friends

We all love our pets, but not everyone is a dog or cat lover. This is especially something to consider when you stage your house.

Take the time to make sure any evidence of your four-legged family member is hidden from sight. This way, you will broadcast a clean and tidy home for your potential buyers.

Some ways you can do this are:

  • Clean and Hide the Smell of Your Pet
  • Remove the Dog or Cat Food
  • Remove the Cat Litter
  • Hide Toys That May Be Lying Around
  • Take a Lint Brush to Your Furniture

Just remember, you don’t need to keep your pets hidden the whole time.

But, if you are about to have an Open House, these are some easy ways you can ensure you have not limited the list of potential offers just because someone isn’t as in love with Fido as you are.

4. Hide the Collectables

You’re passionate about your collections, we get that, but one of the best ways to reach potential buyers to see themselves in your space is to take away personalization.

So put away the spoon collection, personal photos and anything else that shows you in the space.

You want potential buyers to envision how they would use it, and this is hard to do if they can’t get past trophy cases and more.

5. Tidy your Space

Probably the number one tip we have for sellers is to clean as if you have never cleaned before.

Nothing turns off potential buyers more than seeing a dirty space.

To them, this means you haven’t taken care of the property. If you haven’t even cleaned the living room, when’s the last time you got the furnace checked?

Is a question most potential buyers might think; so put a little elbow grease in, and make sure that your space is as clean as possible.

You Are Now Ready To Stage Your House

It’s essential to disconnect the emotion from your space and try to look at it as if you are seeing it for the first time.

If you can complete all 5 of these items, nothing will stop the offers from potential buyers coming in!

Remember, if you’re about to sell be sure to check out our Sellers Toolkit for more useful resources.

Need more advice on how to stage your home? Or want us to go on a tour of your home to do an assessment? Contact us today.


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