best DIY low-cost home improvements: part 2

Affordable DIY Home Improvements: Part 1

Last Updated on December 31, 2019

When it comes to selling your home, making home renovations can increase the value while elevating the aesthetic. The cost of hiring contractors is high, so it’s great to consider affordable DIY home improvements.

Affordable Do-It-Yourself Home Improvements

Here are 5 affordable ways to take on home renovations with these DIY ideas.

If you’re looking to incorporate natural stone in your home, consider adding a granite bathroom vanity top; it’s an economical way to give your room some elegance while keeping within your budget.

Steps to completing your mini makeover for your bathroom:

  1. Begin by acquiring all the items needed before you start your bathroom renovation. (It’s good to always inspect your elements for any flaws.)
  2. Tear out the old fixtures and make repairs to the walls.
  3. If the vanity is in good shape, consider keeping it but give it a makeover with some paint to help freshen it up.
    • Use some spray paint to help give it a smooth finish while avoiding brush marks.
    • Replace the old plugs to give it a new look
  4. Paint the walls and add a new mirror. If the old mirror included a recessed medicine cabinet, you’ll want to make sure the new one is a perfect fit.
  5. Mount the faucet, install the new granite top and connect the plumbing.

If all goes according to plan, this renovation can be completed within a weekend.

2. Add Wallpaper to One Wall

Wallpaper has increased in popularity in recent years and stores offer a wide range of choices and affordable prices.

There is no need to cover every wall to make a dramatic change, by creating an accent wall with wallpaper it will give the room a fantastic look. The benefit of an accent wall is the amount of time that will be reduced along with minimizing the mess of papering an entire room. This is great if you are looking to give any room a bit of character without going over your budget.

Steps to adding wallpaper include:

  1. Take a photo of your existing room and measure the dimensions.
  2. Take these assets to a nearby store, and ask a specialist their recommendations with your current furnishings. A specialist can help you choose which wall is best to paper and help you estimate the right amount to order.
  3. Check the instructions and ask the dealer about the difficulty level. If you’re new to this, consider hiring a pro, the extra cost shouldn’t interfere with your budget.
  4. Fill any holes and smooth your wall before you begin. Rough spots may show through the paper.
  5. Seal the wall surface with acrylic primer. This allows you to slide the paper easily through tighter seams.

The estimated time for this renovation is half to a full day and entirely depends on the condition of your wall.

3. Halogen Track Lighting

Having track lighting allows you to put light exactly where you want or need it – on top of your counters, walls, or objects – and helps brighten up most areas. The bulbs will emanate a brilliant white light that illuminates colours.

The cost of track lighting has plummeted in recent years, and many systems are now operating on household voltage. What this means is you don’t have to install a transformer, you can just connect to any existing junction box in the ceiling.

With the “rail” system, it will hang below the ceiling to hold both spotlights and pendants. A rail will typically run either 4 or 8 ft and can be bent to add a more decorative appearance so you can position the lights anywhere along it.

To find a rail system kit, look in home centers, lighting stores, or online. Checking Websites of manufacturers or catalogues in stores can help you see different options. This is important if you want to build your own system or add extra lights to the rail. (Receiving all the parts is essential.)

If you are already in possession of an electrical box, this process will take roughly one to two hours. If not, check this guide.

4. Adding a Kitchen Rollout

Including a rollout to your kitchen is a very easy and satisfying upgrade that improves the overall function. It helps bring your kitchenware that’s located in the back of your cabinets to the forefront – this gives you more usable storage.

If you are unable to create the rollouts yourself, you can purchase a sturdy rollout at a local home center. Simply mount it to your shelves in your cabinets with screws.

Ordering the wrong size can hinder your renovating. When you begin measuring, be sure to account for the door, hinges, and any other obstructions.

This renovation should only take you 15 minutes per rollout.

5. Trim and Paint

By adding very simple lines of trim (a chair rail and a crown moulding) you will be able to build the perfect framework for any two-colour wall combination.

Steps to completing trim and paint:

  1. Paint the trim – this will help create the biggest impact and help simplify the installation. There is no need to cut perfect joints, a bit of filler and paint will have them looking sharper and crisper. (If your baseboard is narrower, consider replacing it or picking a different wall decorating technique.)
  2. Make a new chair rail that fits 60 to 70% of your baseboard width.
  3. Center your chair rail at roughly one-third of the wall height. Use a trim that is similar to your window trim with a 5/8- to 3/4-in strip on top. 4. Choose a crown moulding that is 30 to 40% of the baseboard width.
  4. Find a colour that works well together and goes with the existing room furnishings. Take advantage of the combinations recommended by paint manufacturers that are found at paint stores and take some photos of the rooms you are interested in to help you or the store associate visualize what you have in mind.
  5. Sample the paint colours during the day and at night. Certain colours look different with natural lighting in the day versus interior lighting at night.

A good tip with this project is to pre-paint the trim and the walls before putting the trim up – you can touch up afterward.

The estimated time of this home renovation will be two to three days.

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