Best DIY Low-Cost Home Improvements: Part 2

Affordable DIY Home Improvements: Part 2

Last Updated on April 14, 2020

In Part 1, we covered 5 easy ways to renovate your home while upgrading its value, with Affordable DIY  home improvement solutions.

We’re back with part 2!

Affordable DIY Home Improvements

We provide you with 5 more great and affordable ways you can complete your home renovations with these DIY ideas.

1. Create a Backyard Oasis

Two significant elements included with your backyard oasis are shade from the sun and protection for pesky insects. There is a wide variety of screened canopies that can handle both the sun and insects. What’s great about them is that they are easy to put up and keep maintained, are plantable in almost any flat area, and are cost-effective.

Using the grass as a floor is nice, but it’ll wear out quickly. If you don’t have a deck or patio that will work we recommended that you build a paver patio for the floor. Pavers are very durable and are available in a variety of colours.

There are no special skills needed to lay a paver successfully. It will, however, require some hard work. You can find pavers at home, patio, and garden centers.

You’ll want to begin by selecting a canopy style and size that works best for your area, then construct your patio, so it is slightly bigger to accommodate the canopy.

The estimated time for your canopy is a couple of hours, while building the patio will most likely take you a weekend to accomplish.

2. Add a Closet Organizer

There’s no need to spend a lot to have a neatly organized closet. Using a wire shelving system is practical, inexpensive, and easy to install. They help you increase your storage space and make cleaning simplified. Most of your items will hang from the walls, allowing for vacuuming your floor an easy process. Wire shelving is excellent for not accumulating dust as solid shelving would.

Here are some easy steps to help you create your closet organizer:

  1. Start by having a drill, hacksaw, level, and any other hand tools that could aid in your design project.
  2. Measure your closet dimensions. (You can find basic kits with shelves and clothes rods at home centers with reasonable pricing.) If you’re looking to build a more elaborate system, begin with the kit and then add your accessories, or construct a custom system from available parts.
  3. Plan your system by laying out all of the shelves and any other components using masking tape on your closet wall. (You can choose to draw up your plan on a piece of paper, but it’s essential to carefully measure if you go this route.)
  4. Use the hacksaw to cut the wire shelving to fit your layout. (Many brands have stable, drill-and-tap-in wall anchors that work great even if used in drywall.)
  5. You’ll now want to search for accessories. Some of these include:

    • shoe racks
    • tie and belt rack
    • baskets to help you expand your storage options

This project should roughly take a half-day to complete.

3. Create a Laundry Center

Looking at your laundry room, the chances are it needs better organization, lighting, and increased storage. With these simple upgrades, you’ll be able to accomplish it all.

Everything you need for this project is available at various home centers.

Follow these steps to add more efficiency into your laundry room:

  1. Start by acquiring a stock countertop. It’s important to remember to buy end caps to help cover the raw ends of your countertop.
  2. Build simple shelf units to support your countertop. (Using Melamine shelving is a great way to because it has a tough plastic coating and requires no painting.)
  3. Size and space the shelves to better suit your laundry baskets.
  4. Cut the parts and screw them together.
  5. Cover the screw heads with plastic caps.
  6. Hang a pair of utility wall cabinets over the countertop to hold all of your cleaning products.
  7. Fasten an adjustable clothing rod between them to accommodate the clothes hangers.
  8. Add effective lighting to your laundry room. (Using the right lighting can help you when sorting clothes and spotting stains – a good choice is fluorescent tubes because they cast great lighting with few shadows.)
  9. Soften and brighten your floor with rubbery plastic floor tile. (This type of floor is often found in garages; it’s a tough floor, but it’s easy on your feet.) It is very easy to install; just snap the tiles together – no need to glue down.

The estimated time for this home renovation project is one or two days.

4. Add New Bathroom Accessories

Replacing your bathroom accessories like light fixtures, towel bars, and towels; and applying fresh paint are great ways to revitalize your bathroom space. This face-lift will only work if your basic fixtures are still in reasonably good shape.

When shopping for accessories, sticking with a consistent style and finish is essential. Staying in touch with a manufacturer can help you manage your design choices.

Painting the wall is a great way to bring a quick and dramatic change to your bathroom space. Start by purchasing your accessories first, because it is easier to match your wall to the accessories already there.

Remember to remove the old wall accessories, then repair, clean, and repaint the walls before adding in the new ones.

Here are 4 great accessories that you can add to your bathroom:

  1. Pullout mirror
  2. Multiple-level towel bars
  3. Self-closing toilet seat
  4. Towel warmer

Estimated may vary based on the accessories you choose to add. (This typically takes one weekend.)

5. Increase Curb Appeal

Are you growing tired of your front entryway? There are great cost-effective ways to add to your entry to enhance its look.

Here are some simples step to help give your entryway a much-needed face-lift:

  1. Paint your trim, siding, and front door. (If your door is the primary feature, you may want to consider a powerful colour.)
  2. Purchase new accessories like a new mailbox, house number, or light fixture. (With most cases, the only tool you’ll need is your trusty screwdriver.)
  3. Spruce up your front door walkway. If your driveway or walkway is plain concrete you can choose to enhance by adding bricks along the sides. To do this: Dry set them on a firmly tamped base, dig a trench about 5 inches deep, add 2 inches of compacted gravel, cover the gravel with an inch of sand, and set the bricks.

This home renovation project may take you one or two weekends to complete.

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