Bathroom DIY Projects To Increase Home Value

Bathroom DIY Projects to Increase Home Value

For many people, their homes tend to be their most valuable asset. When renovating your home, the goal is to see where you can increase its value. That way you can profit when you finally plan to sell, and this can be achieved in many ways. This blog aims to show you how you can add some great bathroom DIY projects to increase the value of your home. We know that many projects can be expensive, but there are a few tricks that you can utilize that are both affordable and effective.

Increase Home Value with Bathroom DIY Projects

Why should I renovate my bathroom? The bathroom is a vital room for any home buyer. It’s a place where you can go to escape the noise. Homebuyers want to have a relaxing atmosphere that almost feels like a spa. This space needs to be a calm, clean, neutral ambiance that is created by adding natural décor.

Below, we mention 5 Bathroom DIY Projects to Increase Home Value so you can win over any homebuyer.

Bathroom DIY Projects

DIY: Add Storage

Storage space is key, homebuyers are looking for this space so they can keep their bathroom organized and tidy, as well as adding more space for toiletries. By installing storage space in your bathroom, you will be creating something that is desired.

Many bathrooms seem to lack this quality. But, by building a cabinet or installing floating shelves, you are immediately adding value to the bathroom. It can even help to add something cost-effective and valuable to your bathroom space. Try adding storage space to your bathroom today, there are lots of ways you can build your own.

If you are worried about building a cabinet, we have linked some tips and tricks. Don’t let building hold you back, learn how you can Make a Super-Simple Bath Cabinet, and How to Install Simple Bathroom Shelves.

Bathroom DIY Projects To Increase Home Value
Add Storage

DIY: Replace Fixtures

Homeowners often forget how important fixtures are to your bathroom. Putting in new hardware for your sinks and bath is a great and cheap home improvement that can instantly renew the look of your bathroom.

Several homebuyers want beautiful, functional, and sometimes conservable fixtures. A new trend, and something that is relevant today, is hands-free fixtures. Many homebuyers are looking for these types of fixtures that are convenient and less likely to accumulate germs.

If you’re looking to upgrade, learn How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet.

Bathroom DIY Projects To Increase Home Value: Replace Bathroom Taps
Replace Fixtures

DIY: Install a New Shower Head

Sometimes, the smallest update can make the ultimate difference. Since your showerhead is something that eventually requires replacing due to its environment, consider installing a showerhead. In many homes, bathtubs aren’t used as often as the shower, so homebuyers look to the showerhead for unique features. These features include steam showers, rain-like showerheads, and body jets. Homebuyers look to their shower as a place to relax and unwind, and want to have an amazing shower experience.

Installing a new shower head is an easy DIY project – even for beginners – that can add a little more to your home’s appeal. It is also a great way to make a modernized improvement to your bathroom.

Replacing your showerhead isn’t too hard, check out How to Change a Shower Head to help you get the job done with ease.

Bathroom DIY Projects To Increase Home Value: Install a New Shower Head
Install a New Shower Head

DIY: Renovate the Bathroom Floor

Your bathroom floors suffer a lot of wear and tear throughout the years, or can look a bit outdated as time goes on. By laying a new floor, you can bring new life to your bathroom while adding great value.

When choosing bathroom flooring, consider how it will perform under stress (water, and lots of it). There’s also moisture, durability, appearance, cost, and ease of installation as important factors to consider.

It comes down to porcelain or ceramic tile. Though they look quite similar, there are plenty of differences.


Porcelain tile is the best of all worlds for bathroom flooring, as it has liquid resistance, is highly stain resistant, great absorption, and is very durable. Porcelain tiles also have a long lifespan and require little maintenance.


Ceramic tile is impervious against stain, as well as water penetration. They can also withstand high levels of humidity, which bathrooms deal with plenty. Because of the way they are manufactured, you can create more designs to better suit your bathroom for homebuyers.

Laying tile in your bathroom can be tricky, so learn How to Install Tile on a Bathroom Floor.

To help keep your bathroom in tip-top shape for homebuyers, here are 9 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean Longer.

Bathroom DIY Projects That Increase Home Value: Renovate The Bathroom Floor
Renovate The Bathroom Floor

DIY: Install a Towel Bar

If your bathroom has yet to be graced with a towel bar, it’s a great and simple addition to your space. Towel bars are a good option if you have a lot of wall space near the tub or shower. It improves the drying process, avoiding the odour that comes with bunched up towels.

It’s also an easy way to add character to your bathroom. The difficulty depends on your bathroom walls and if you’re dealing with tile, but as long as you’re prepared, you can complete this project with ease. This will bring a nice additional feature for homebuyers, adding a touch of elegance and convenience to the bathroom space.

Learn How to Install a Towel Bar Securely.

If you’re installing your towel bar on tile, you can read up on Don’t Break It: How to Drill Through Tile in 7 Easy Steps.

Bathroom DIY Projects To Increase Home Value: Install A Towel Bar
Install a Towel Bar

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