Small Room Makeover 101

Small Room Makeover 101 – How To Make It Look Bigger & Brighter

We’ve all faced this problem at least once in our lives – the room is too small but the ideas we have for décor are too big. Sound familiar?

Well, it’s a rite of passage for everyone, and if you’re struggling with the same problem, then know that you’re not alone. But don’t take this to heart, there are always ways to make a small room feel bigger and brighter. So, if you’re searching for such solutions, here are some that will definitely make everything easy.

Let’s take a look!

5 Steps to Making Your Small Room Look Bigger & Brighter

1. Paint the Walls White

The most common suggestion that you’ll find for making a small bedroom feel larger is to paint the walls white. This actually works because the white colour is reflective. The light literally bounces off it, creating an illusion of a bigger space. Moreover, white walls are an excellent canvas for bright-coloured décor, statement art, and wall hangings. Painting is also a relatively inexpensive task – you can even do it yourself. You can easily find all the steps to do it like a pro.

In contrast, if you go for bold and dark colours like navy blue, hunter green, burgundy, etc., they’ll make your room feel smaller than it already is. In case you’re not prone to white, you could choose pastel shades like powder blue, millennial pink, lavender, and the like to get a similar effect.

2. Billowy Sheer Curtains

If you’ve got a window in your small bedroom, then do NOT cover it up with heavy drapes. They’ll block the path of natural light and add an aura of intense heaviness to the room that will make it feel smaller and more constrained than it actually is.

A great alternative is sheer curtains. Their soft aesthetic and billowy look will make the room feel brighter and airier. These curtains are usually available in white, but some even have colourfully dyed bottoms. You can go for those if you really want to add a dash of boldness in this aesthetic. You can also pair them with elegant curtain rods that will add to the decorative quality of your bedroom ambiance.

3. White Fluffy Shag Rug

Note that the idea is to make your small room feel spacious and brighter. Therefore, you need to select accessories and décor items that contribute to it. A white shag rug is definitely something that can add to the airiness of your bedroom – especially if you’ve got dark coloured floors. It’s one of those timeless additions that always make a great visual impact with their textures alone.

You can select them in a size that complements the dimensions of your room. Make sure that you go for an authentic woollen purchase because synthetic shag rugs tend to get matted and dirty very quickly. Whereas, if a woollen one starts looking shabby, you can just get professional carpet cleaning to make it look as good as new.

4. Tall Design Elements

Since you cannot expand the measurements of your room in a horizontal fashion, you can always give it an illusion of tallness to make it feel larger.

Tall design elements are very strategic. They’re carefully thought up and placed in the room in a manner that makes its ceiling look higher than it already is. An example of such a design element would be a customized and slim-fit headboard installation that spans all the way to the top of the ceiling.

Note that you can only use one or two tall statement-worthy elements to spruce up your small bedroom. Anything more and your space will start looking cluttered.

5. Minimalist Furniture

One of the best ways to make your small bedroom feel big enough is by going for minimalist furnishings. If you over-clutter your room with extra furniture, then it’s automatically going to feel even smaller than it already is. Therefore, you need to stick to the essentials – furniture that you’ll constantly use to wear and tear.

Even in that, you need to be very careful and strategic. For example, going for a double or twin-sized bed for a single person room is much more feasible for a room that’s already short on space. A smart platform or Murphy’s bed is also a good alternative. You could also choose a Japanese style futon mattress that can be folded up and put inside the wardrobe when you’re not using it. Another great example would be to add tall, wall-mount mirrors instead of a full-blown dresser. To add to the quality of the space, you could go for floating single-drawer nightstands, hanging pendant lamps, and small-sized stools or floor cushions instead of full-on ottoman/chair seats.

One thing to remember when selecting furniture for your bedroom is the style. Ornate and traditional furniture aesthetics can also add a cluttered vibe to a small room. So, you need to stick with sleek, modern selections that will look very clean and sophisticated while also complementing the room. Just think of it in simple terms: a smart, low-height leather-upholstered bed headboard will look way better than a full-scale velvet-tufted one.

So, these are some fool-proof suggestions to make a small bedroom feel bigger than it is. They’re all very easy to follow and will definitely help you achieve the aesthetic of your dreams while styling your spaces.

Zana Dodig
Zana is a window treatments consultant with over 20 years of experience.

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