7 Home Features Buyers Want Most

7 Home Features Buyers Want Most

Last Updated on December 21, 2020

When you’re in the process of selling your home, you want to take into consideration the home features that buyers want most. If you incorporate these things into your renovations, you can not only find more potential buyers but drive up the overall price of your home.

When considering a home improvement project, you need to think about the features that will add convenience and extra functionality to your space.

7 of the Top Home Features Buyers Want the Most

Different tastes among buyers are common, but there are some home features that most buyers are always looking to have.

1. Master Bathroom

7 Home Features Buyers Want Most: Master Bathroom

An important factor that can often sway the buyer’s decision is a master bathroom. For it to be considered a master bathroom, it needs to have a sink, bathtub, shower, and be accessible from the master bedroom (the largest room in the house).

What buyers are looking for in a master bathroom include:

  • Neutral Ambiance – The bathroom is where they want to feel relaxed. They want a spa-like atmosphere filled with natural décor elements and a neutral colour palette.
  • Shower – The shower is something that gets used often. Buyers want to have a luxurious experience with their shower; this could mean a steam shower that offers various features.
  • Updated Fixtures – Buyers are looking for fixtures that look great, are functional, and are good at conserving water. Choosing the right fixture can make or break the bathroom design.
  • Storage Space – Potential buyers are always interested in storage space. Having plenty of cabinetry will help win over those buyers. Consider decluttering all cabinets and drawers to give a more spacious feel.

2. Walk-in Closet

7 Home Features Buyers Want Most: Walk-in Closet

For many homebuyers, a walk-in closet is absolutely an essential feature for a home. This could very well be a deal-breaker in the eyes of many buyers.

Having a walk-in closet doesn’t just provide plenty of space to store clothes, they can also:

  • Provide a private, relaxing space for starting your day or unwinding after a long one.
  • Make it easier to keep your entire wardrobe organized so that it’s easy and convenient to find anything you need.
  • Provide a stylish and elegant space that buyers can showcase their elaborate collection of shoes and accessories.

3. Energy Efficiency

7 Home Features Buyers Want Most: Energy Efficiency

More and more home buyers are becoming eco-friendly and wanting to find a home that is energy efficient; it has been making the top of home buyers check lists.

Some things you can consider to boost your home’s energy efficiency include:

  • Energy-efficient Lighting.
  • Energy-efficient Appliances.
  • Modern Windows and Doors.
  • Energy-efficient Heating and Air Conditioning.

A big factor in being energy efficient would be the home’s insulation. How insulated are the attic, garage, and rest of the home?

When buyers have the heat running during the Winter and the AC running during those hot summer months, they want their home to be insulated. As more of the heat or cool air starts to escape, it can dramatically affect the amount of energy being used, thus contributing to a heavy cost.

4. Two-Car Garage

7 Home Features Buyers Want Most: Two-Car Garage

Whether you have a older home or a newer home, two-car garages are always a welcomed commodity for potential buyers.

Garages are great for providing a ton of storage space for all of the tools and equipment, and for those household items you just can’t seem to find a place for.

On top of that, it allows buyers to park their cars, which protects the investment placed into their vehicles.

The convenience of parking indoors is huge and plays a major factor. There is a lot of potential in garage space, whether that’s big or small.

Homeowners have realized that it’s important to make some upgrades that will result in a more beautiful and functional extension of their living space.

5. Hardwood Floors

7 Home Features Buyers Want Most: Hardwood Floors

When selling your home, it’s important to keep in mind the surfaces that buyers will be walking on, especially since it is most likely the first thing they will see when entering your home.

Many homebuyers are seeking out hardwood floors as it brings a contemporary look, durability, and the convenience and ease of cleaning.

Hardwood floors bring a timeless beauty that never goes out of style.

To maintain the appearance and keep it in the best shape, consider oiling, waxing, or polishing the flooring; this will help attract the attention of potential homebuyers.

6. Laundry Room

7 Home Features Buyers Want Most: Laundry Room

A majority of home buyers find it essential to have a laundry room.

Laundry rooms are considered a must-have feature because of the convenience and high functionality they bring to a home.

In a laundry room, buyers take care of the washing, drying, ironing, sorting, folding, and other tasks that can easily add up, so having a dedicated area where all of this can be accomplished makes it a much-needed area.

7. Modern kitchen

7 Home Features Buyers Want Most: Modern Kitchen

A modern, open concept kitchen that includes an island and an eating area is sought after for buyers, especially when they have kids.

It is agreed that modern kitchen updates yield better returns when it comes time for resale, than other parts of the house.

Updating your kitchen with some modern upgrades can easily grab the attention of potential buyers.

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