10 Tips to Sell your Home in Winter

10 Tips To Sell Your Home in the Winter

Last Updated on December 30, 2021

In most housing markets, winter can be a slow-selling season, a time when it’s more challenging for those who put their property on the market to close a deal quickly.

But it’s not an entirely typical winter season. Homebuying demand has been high thanks to mortgage rates being favourable and the economic recovery of the country.

Many potential homebuyers are making their way back and ready to give it another go.

When marketing your home during the holiday season, you want to set yourself apart so your house can sell without much delay.

Here’s what you can do to sell your home in the winter!

1. Remove Holiday Decor for Listing Photos

The holidays are a great time to stage your home because it gives a more cozy environment, but you don’t want to go over the top.

Any of your holiday decorations should be removed when you decide to take your listing photos.

Your online listing shouldn’t reflect any type of season.

The best real estate photos are well lit and have little contrast, as well as few bright colours.

Red, gold, and other vivid holiday colours distract the homebuyer of the important features of your home.

You don’t need to entirely remove all of your holiday decorations; in your judgement, keep some that may bring a little extra sparkle to the space.

A home buyer is buying space and room, so no matter how beautiful you make your space look, that’s not what is going to push the sale over the edge.

2. Create a Cozy Home Environment

There’s a stigma that you should avoid listing your home during the holidays, but it’s not always the case.

It can actually be a great time to sell!

Create a Cozy Home Environment

The holidays present you with a unique opportunity to create a warm and cozy environment that can’t always be attained during the spring and summer months.

When a neighbourhood has that extra festive feel, it creates a more inviting space for potential buyers who are more likely to be interested because of the community vibe.

3. The Weather is Cold Outside; Keep it Warm Inside

Something that can often get overlooked is the temperature inside the home.

If you’re in an area where the weather outside can get pretty cold, make sure the temperature is warm inside.

Turn the thermostat up, or better yet, if you have a fireplace (which is a nice selling feature) use it as homebuyers venture through your home to create a nice ambiance.

There are some great low-cost tricks that will work for the winter season:

  • Set up a hot cocoa station in the kitchen.
  • Set out freshly baked muffins (or other treats) that can add an extra layer of warmth and coziness.
  • Add some potpourri or other scents around the home to up the inviting feeling to homebuyers.

4. Don’t Forget about Curb Appeal

To sell your home in the winter, think about curb appeal. It is something that is a fundamental concept in real estate, and when it comes to the winter season, even more so.

The buyer’s first impression will always be there, so you want to take some extra steps to ensure that it looks the best that it can.

Don't Forget about Curb Appeal

Some things that you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal is to keep the yard clear of leaves and have the snow cleared from the driveway and any walking areas.

You want the potential buyers to see the home safely and without any distractions.

5. Check all lighting

You want to ensure that your home looks well-lit during this time of the year.

As the days are now shorter and there tends to be less sunlight, you want to have the best lighting you can get for the interior and exterior of your home.

It isn’t just about creating a warm, inviting feeling for potential buyers but also allowing them to see and fall in love with your home.

6. Keep your Home Clean

It’s a mostly obvious thing that you want to keep your house clean when selling your home.

But when winter is here, we spend more time indoors, and that can mean higher chances of a dirtier area.

Keep your Home Clean

Dust will most likely accumulate at a faster rate, so what you want to do is keep your fans dusted, all cupboards wiped down, and the mud that can be tracked in from the family, pristinely cleaned.

7. Show Seasonal Photos of your Home

Taking photos of your home during the other seasons can be beneficial for homebuyers so they can see what the home looks like at different times of the year.

With almost everyone owning a smartphone, you can easily take beautiful photos of your house.

What you want to do is showcase these photos on a digital photo frame on a mantel or inside a binder that homebuyers can sift through.

8. Strategically Price your Home

To make things easier, and to have a more successful home selling journey, you’ll want to price your property right.

Working closely with a realtor, they can pull comparable real estate listing and sale prices for your area to determine an appropriate price.

Strategically Price your Home

Pricing your home slightly lower than what the market in your area commands is a great idea because it can create bidding wars.

This is more important because there are fewer buyers, which will help attract more views to eventually get top dollar for your home.

9. Upgrade your Appliances

If you want to sell your home in the winter season, take advantage of all the sales!

Make the most of the bargains and upgrade your kitchen to stainless-steel appliances.

This can easily make a big difference for potential homebuyers walking through your home.

10. Make your Home Available for Tours

For our final tip, you’ll want to ensure your home is actually available to be viewed by potential buyers.

Home showing availability is very important during a slower market.

10 Tips to Sell Your Home in the Winter: Make your Home Available for Tours

Though there are generally fewer buyers searching for homes, these are more than likely serious buyers.

Make sure your home can be viewed; it’s going to make a huge difference.

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